Camping stuff


hi im thinking of doing a south africa and victoria falls safari tour next year just wanted to know is a sleeping mat provided with the tents??


Hey it seems mattresses are provided within the tents, as per brochures and stuff :slight_smile: just need to bring a sleeping bag.


thanks and i suppose a pillow lol


Hey Steve,
I have just returned from an African Safari with Topdeck which is with their local provider - Acacia. They provide mattresses within the tent, but it is best you bring a sleeping bag and also a pillow. I brought one of the travel pillows that you can put around your neck, or turn into a small sized pillow, as this was perfect to have the pillow in the tent, and the neck pillow on the truck when your on the long drives.

Feel free to ask any further questions, as happy to help with it :slight_smile: