Camping and Spending Money


Hello there!

I am looking to book the Europe Unplugged trip, which is a camping trip.

I have been reading into the details and see that we pitch our tents, and do a roster for food prep etc.

I wanted to know from those of who have done this trip before, does the food prep etc interfere with site-seeing/ free time?

I know we would only be in each place for a short amount of time so want to make the most of it!!!

Would you say the camping is the way to go, or worth spending the extra cash on one of the Euro club trips instead?

Also, what is the recommended amount for spending money??



I’m thinking of doing one late june. but not sure about the whole camping issue. I’ve done a euro trip before with Contiki and that was a mix of hostels, hotels, Contiki villages. my main issue is not really sleeping. you don’t go to Europe to sleep, but where do you put your stuff, where do you shower, go to the bathroom, what happens if it rains, is your stuff secure when your out on tour. any help would be great.