Camera suited for travelling



Anyone know a good camera for travelling that reasonably priced.


It really depends on what your looking for in a camera - do you want something basic or something that will allow you to be a little more creative with your pictures

We just brought my sister a Cannon Power Shot SX30IS
is has 14.1 MG, and a 35x Zoom which allows for some great photos while making it a simple camera for the not so advance photographer. it retails for around 500-700 dollars.

MY personal advise is pick two or three cameras online and sus out what is best for you then shop around for the best price. The other thing to do is once you have the three cameras picked out go into a shop and play with them so you can get a feel before you buy.

this site might help you too


thankyou for your reply, will do.


would you reckon that a SLR camera would be a pain in the arse or should i just take a small camera insted?


Unless you’re really into photography (like me) and will actually be using the additional control that an SLR brings then don’t bother. Too expensive and bulky to make it worth it.