Camera Buffs: Taking your DSLR Camera?!


???Camera buffs, are you taking your DSLR camera on the trip?

I am so torn as to what to do. I love my camera, and I am so happy that I am going to Europe.

Problem: I have 1 backpack to take with me for 29 days…

This is what I am looking at.
Take my camera in the case which is just as a big, and stick it in my bag. This takes up maybe 70% of the space.
Take my camera in the case and just carry it along with my backpack and most likely a carry on.
OR take my camera and just wrap it around my clothes in the pack.
OR just no take my big camera, and take a point and shoot.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated camera buffs or not!



I had the same problem. Then I decided to take it cos how many times are you going to go to Europe and have those photo opportunities! I’m taking mine in it’s case as carry on as well as my backpack I would NEVER just wrap it in clothes and put it in the pack I would be devastated if something happened to it!



I looked into this as well. I decided to go against the bulk and bought a nice point and shoot.

Check out the panasonic lumix zs series. They are high MP, high optical zoom, pocket sized cameras. Some even have a built in gps chip to automatically geotag your photos. Sadly mine is last years edition without gps, but it’s still incredible for pictures.


Hey guys… I struggled with this last summer (I did the southern nomad camping tour) and finally decided to bring the DSLR. I am sooooo happy I did, in fact I wish I would have brought more than just the stock lens as well! I ended up buying a bigger purse and just keeping the camera in there. When we went out drinking at night I just hid the camera in my bag and left it in the tent. Honestly I would have really regretted not taking the camera…the whole point of having a nicer camera is to use it right??

If your really worried about loosing/breaking the camera find out if you can add it to your travel insurance policy ( i was able to add mine for an extra fee ) which gave me a bit more peace of mind.

Ill be taking the camera again this sept… and an extra lens or two.


For awhile I thought that I’d just leave mine behind because I didn’t want to carry a bulky camera around and I would hate to have something happen to it. I’ve decided now to take it along, I didn’t spend all that money on an awesome camera to have it sit on a shelf and collect dust because I’m too scared to take it anywhere! I think I’ll take it along in it’s case as carry on (or just wrap it in clothes in my suitcase! My film SLR camera survived years of being tossed around in my school backpack so I’m sure it would be fine), but during the day I’ll just stick it in my purse or in my boyfriend’s backpack.

I really think I’d regret not taking it, there will be so many opportunities to get some amazing shots!


Definitely take it! If you’re a girl and have a big handbag usually no problem. If you’re a guy, you can buy travel bags for the camera. Most good camera stores have compact bags that are reinforced to take the knocks, but small enough to fit into a day bag. My last trek around NZ was for 4 weeks with a backpack and I managed to find a travel camera case that was 15cm x 18cm x 20cm which fit my panorama lens as well!

Google camera cases and see what comes up in your area!

Stacey :slight_smile:


Im taking my 5D one wide angle and a flash. couldnt even come close to fitting my smaller camera bag in my backpack for the trip so I will just be carrying it my day pack wrapped up safely.


I just bought a Samsung WB650. Not quite as amazing as a DSLR but it fits in my pocket, has 15x zoom, gps, 3inch screen etc etc, only cost me $360 too!


I took my DSLR and I’m so glad that I did, I took my camera bag as well but it is a crumpler one so I could put other stuff in it as well, if I just took my backpack out for the day I wrapped my camera in my microfibre towel and it was safe. I took my extra zoom lens but hardly used it just stuck with my 18-55 most of the time.


I’m planning on buying a new camera. I had my hopes set on the Sony sweep panorama camera but have done quite a bit of research into it and have decided it’s not for me; one of the main reasons being that the photo quality (supposedly) isn’t that great. I’ve being considering the Lumix range (what do people think: pros and cons) but I also wanted to know if any of you camera enthusiasts would be able to recommend a small, digital camera that takes really clear pictures?


Thank you for the thumbs up about Lumix cameras. When you say a good one - is there any that you (or anyone else) would recommend?

With whatever camera I’m going to take I will take a second battery. Then if it runs out during a day trip I will be able to swap it over; it would be awful if I saw something amazing and wasn’t able to take a picture because of the battery.