Calling home


Hey guys,[br][br]I was just wondering what everyone’s thoughts were on calling home while overseas? I’ve been given heaps of different advice eg. Switch global roaming on my current mobile but only send texts, buy a sim card in London and use that, use an ekit phonecard & call from hotel or payphones etc… I’m unsure which way to go, has anyone got any tips about what worked best for them? (and by best I mean cheapest! Lol)[br][br]Bonnie:):):)[br][br]European Odyssey October 31st 2009


Hey Bonnie,[br]I don’t recommend getting a Simcard in London unless it SPECIFICALLY says you can recharge it without a credit card. I have a UK sim and the only way I could recharge in Europe was with a UK credit card (very messy). I wouldn’t roam either as it costs to send/recieve txts (about 50c each time) I would use the ekit sim. You recharge with your credit card but can do so from anywhere/any country and have really good rates. Alot of people used this


hi bonnie,[br][br]i got a UK sim, it was heaps cheaper for me, but i ran out of credit in venice and had to wait till london to recharge. if you can pre program your credit card before you leave london its good.[br]I got talk but vodafoneUK has just abolished its roaming through europe.[br]other people used there aussie number ( wouldnt recomend but i took mine as an emergency )[br]or the global sim, but it was $US so was a little pricy.[br]if you can get a cheap one its the best.[br][br]if your just calling home,the current aussie voda prepaid is good, family can get you recharges from home if you run out. and $149cap should last you a VERY,VERY LONG trip.[br] its what i was going to do. but needed a UK number.[br]hope it heaps[br][br]- beer is the answer, but i forgot the question- [br]summer fun & sailing[br]May 15th 09


Thanks for your help guys![br][br]:sunglasses:


im with voda and just want to use my phone and switch to globle roam and get prepaid card will this work or not a good idea [br]