Calling all foodies!


On my upcoming trip, I’m going on a mission to find some of the best local cuisine I can.
I used to be a very picky eater but I now find myself forever finding new things to cook and taste.
I went to Europe a number of years ago and I was only just starting to branch out and try new food.
This time I’d like to try as much authentic local food as I can so I know how it’s supposed to taste! :smiley::smiley:

I’m asking for tips on the best places to seek good food. I’m going on the Summer fun and Sailing tour.
Cannot wait! I’d better lose some weight before I go because I know I’m gonna pile it back on during holidays :joy::joy:


In the Alps try raclette. The raclette cheese round is heated, either in front of a fire or by a special machine, then scraped onto diners’ plates; the term raclette derives from the French word racler, meaning “to scrape”, a reference to the fact that the melted cheese must be scraped from the unmelted part of the cheese onto the plate.
Traditionally the melting happens in front of an open fire with the big piece of cheese facing the heat.