Calling All 6th Sept Euro Pioneers!


Calling all Euro Pioneer’s departing on the 6th of September! Now’s the time to band together and find out who our fellow hostel-mates are and who we’re going to be sharing this trip-of-a-lifetime experience with!

At today’s count, there are 59 days until our trip leaves, less for those of us going to London earlier! Now’s the time to be getting excited, nervous, anxious, desperate or a little bit of everything.


i land in paris on the 5th of september. i was thinking about doing this tour. not sure though. will be travelling by myself so im a little nervous


hey jade!! that’s awesome! … i think there is another girl beginning in paris as well if that makes u feel a bit better!

jade i completely understand where ur coming from in regards to travelling by yourself!!! but there are at least 3 or 5 travelling by themselves myself included. Just remember on the tour your going to make friends so technically you wont b travelling alone any more!! it would just be the flight there n back to home. plus from the other forum thread… people seem to be really down to earth!!