California Calling- Sep to Dec 2017



Is anyone planning on doing this trip or already booked? I am planning on booking for the back end of 2017 & I am a bit nervous as this will be my first trip alone.

If not I would also appreciate any advice for travelling solo?



Hey Guy, this is my first travel alone too, and I need meet anyone for talk about this


I have booked this trip for beginning of September. Heading with 2 of my friends. Looking forward to it.


Hi Guys,

I have booked this Trip for July 4th Departure! Im so excited! Im a Solo traveller From Australia. Have you decided to book yet?



Hi, I’ve just booked this trip for the Dec 30th departure. I’m also first time solo traveller! Anyone else on the same tour?


Hi sarah Iv just booked this trip as well and will be traveling solo from nz x


Awesome! I’m from Australia. Can’t wait for the trip, super keen :slight_smile:


Awesome where are you staying before the trip starts?


At the Kawada hotel, it’s just around the corner from where the tour starts. Are you doing any traveling before the trip or is LA your first stop?


Hey guys,

Im booked for the 30th of December tour, but will be In LA from the 26th. I’m traveling first time solo and will be around LA for 4 days prior to the tour. Will be keen on meeting anyone who has planned for same tour


I’m travelling solo too! I’m on the December 5 tour


Hi, I get in a the day before would be great to catch up before!


Hi Sarah thats awesome! im in LA 4 days prior to the tour so would be glad to meet up!


Hi Sarah, I am from Brisbane and have booked this tour and am also first time solo traveller… :slight_smile: Reaching LA on 28th Dec…


Awesome! I get in on the afternoon of the 29th and would love to catch up before the tour :slightly_smiling_face:


Im travelling on the December 5 too


amazing what’re you doing before/after?