California Calling June 30 2016


Hi there,

Is anyone else planning on doing this trip or already booked? I am booked in and am travelling on my own!



Hey Demi,
We are a group of 5 girls who have booked this tour! Where are you from and are you travelling somewhere afterwards?

  • Sally


Hey Sally,

I am from New Zealand, where are you girls from? I will be in San Fran for a few days afterwards and then flying to Hawaii. Are you staying in LA for a bit before the tour?


Hey Demi! I’ve always booked this tour and travelling by myself. I’m from Sydney. I’ve got an extra week in San Fran afterwords before heading up to Canada.



Hey Sarah,

Are you in LA for a few days before the tour?



Yep, I fly in on the 27th at about midday!
What about yourself?


Fly in early on the 26th! Are you by yourself in LA as well? Could meet up for some sight seeing!


Yep by myself for LA! Feel free to add me on Facebook if you like and we can chat- Sarah Oreshkin.


Hey Demi,
we are from Brisbane, Australia. We arrive on the 29th in LA, have a couple days in San Fran after the tour then head to New York and then back to LA. Do you know where you are staying in San Fran? Feel free to add me on Facebook ----- :slight_smile:


Hi everyone!

I’m booked on this tour too - so excited!

I’m also from Qld, Australia travelling on my own.

I get into LA on the 26th and am staying around the San Francisco/ San Jose area afterward for 4-5 days.

Would love to get in contact with you all :smile:



Hi Angela,

Add me on Facebook

Cheers, Demi


Hey Angela!
Feel free to add me on facebook to! we arrive beforehand to so would love to have a chat or catch up beforehand!!!


Hi all

I’m also booked for the tour on 30 June! It’s so close now! Is there a Facebook group?

Looking forward to meeting you all

Carla :slight_smile:


Hey Carla, there is no facebook group yet but add us and we can make a group chat or something :slight_smile:


Hey Carla! Add me on Facebook and we will put a group together :slight_smile:


Hi girls!
I’m Stacey, 27 from Perth WA, just booked onto this tour at least minute and waiting to hear if I can join… I am going to fly into LAX morning of the 29th and out of SFO evening of the 8th. I am looking at hotels - did you guys organise to be close-ish to each other? I don’t want to book a hotel and be really far away…


Hey Stacey,

Add me on facebook using the link I posted above and I can link you where me and one other are staying :slight_smile: