California Calling 4th July 2017


Hi Guys,

My Name is Nicole, Im 26 and Solo Traveller from Aus. I will be arriving into LA on the 3rd July from NYC and staying at the Hotel where we are picked up from on the 4th. Let me know if you are booked on this tour! Would love to meet you and catch up for Drinks before the trip!


Hey Nicole!
I will most likely be going on this trip too and will also be solo! I was going to book the same place that we get picked up from to stay the night before the tour starts so we should definitely catch up on the 3rd! :slight_smile:


Hey Laura

Awesome! I was almost beginning to think I wouldn’t find any other travellers! Yeah I’m booked at the Miyako hotel on the 3rd! I can’t remember what time I arrive but should do dinner and drinks before hand! We might find others As well!

Can’t wait


Didn’t realise that you posted a while ago! I’ve just decided in the last week that I was definitely going to go to the states this year so it’s a bit last minute! Add me on Facebook if you can find me - I’m from Adelaide :slight_smile:


Hey girls,

I’m also considering going on this trip and wondering where else you’re travelling in the states? I’m from Adelaide, Aus too and it’s my first solo trip without anything really set in stone so would love to see where anyone recommends to go etc!


Hey Ayla,

Ill be travelling on the east coast before this Californian one! so I’m in new york and up into Canada and back around through Philly and Washington. I can’t wait it will be an awesome trip including this California one as well! Im travelling Solo as well from Brisbane, Qld.

I definitely recommend New York, Niagara Falls (canadian side) I haven’t done much else on the east coast which is why i am doing this trip. There is so much i wanna do and see in the US tho! i will be back for me one day

Hope this Helps!


Hi guys,

I’m also travelling solo from Melbourne, AU :slight_smile: I decided to book just down the street for the night before the trip. Would love to catch-up for drinks/dinner too! Feel free to add me on FB.

Has anyone tried chatting in the app?


Hey ,

Yeah I just booked the miyako for the night. I arrive in LA I think about 3pm the 3rd july so I will just check in and was maybe gonna have a look around nearby so I’d be keen for drinks and dinner with you both before we start the tour the next day! I’m travelling on the east coast before hand. Are you doing anything before the tour?


I am travelling solo from NSW I fly into LA on the 2nd of July and will be staying at the Miyako hotel the night before our trip.



Hey Jess,

Awesome I arrive sometime on the 3rd and need to find way to hotel but I’ll be at miyako hotel as well if your keen for drinks and dinner?


Hey Nicole,
Yeah I am keen for drinks and dinner the night before our tour starts.


Awesome, have you joined the Facebook group of our tour?

It’s called topdeck California Calling 2017 UHCCLS-7 and you can join that so we can set a time to meet up?


I just added myself to the group thank you :slight_smile: