California Calling - 3rd July '18 - 9th July '18


Hey guys!
My name is Ella, I’m 23 and a solo traveller from NZ and I am looking at doing the California Classic trip this July! I’ll be in LA before the tour starts. Let me know if you are booked on this tour and would love to meet and catch up for some drinks before the trip!


Hey Ella,
My name is Mark I’m 22 and from Sydney. I’m also a solo traveller and doing the same California Calling trip. I’m arriving in LA on the 2nd of July and staying at the Freehand hotel where we get picked up. It would be great to meet up on the 2nd and get to know a few people before the trip starts! Cheers, Mark


Hey Mark!
That sounds great! We’ve actually made a Facebook group for the trip and have talked to a few others in the same trip! If you have the Topdeck app downloaded, you can find the people there plus the link to the facebook group that was made for a much more convenient chat with everyone! :smile:
Cheers, Ella


Awesome! Will do


Hey Mariella

Im a solo traveler from NZ doing this tour in June next year, howd you find it? any tips? :slight_smile: