California Calling 28 July 2016


Hey anyone else booked on this trip??


I am!
Where are you from?


I am from Canberra, Australia, how about you?


I’m from Brazil!
Are you going by yourself? @sarahmc


Yep I am travelling alone @LucasDiDomenico, are you? Not long to go, im so excited :slight_smile:


I am going alone too!
Yes! 24 days to go! But I’m actually arriving in LA on the 27th
How old are you? @Sarahmc


Oh cool, I think I get in on the 26th. I’m 27, and you @LucasDiDomenico? Add me on Facebook if you like,


Cool, @Sarahmc!!
I’m 26!


I am also booked on this trip.
I’m from Melbourne, Australia and travelling alone.
Not long to go now!