California Calling 19th May 2016



Is anybody booked in for the California Calling Tour that starts 19th May 2016?

My friend and I had to book this tour as the Golden States Tour starting 17th May 2016 is not going ahead.



Hi Meg,

Yes I am! I was also on that tour :frowning:

I’m staying in LA a few nights before as my flights now get me there early due to the tour date starting later. Not sure where yet. Was going to suss out where other people might be staying who are going to be doing this tour.



Hi Olivia,

I will be over on the East Coast doing some travelling before the tour starts but will be in LA to meet up with my friend on 17th May. My friend is arriving in LA on 15th May. Happy to stay in contact if you want some people to hang out with. Haven’t booked accommodation in LA yet but will most likely book something around Hollywood.



Hi Meg!

That sounds wonderful, I was thinking of going a hostel in Hollywood as that’s all I can afford. The USA Hollywood Hostel seems to be my best bet!

Will stay in touch
Olivia :slight_smile:



My friend and I are also on this tour! Is there a Facebook group anyone knows about for this trip? Not long to go now!


Hey Melissa,

I’m not aware of a FB group. Would it be worth starting one?

Only 100 days to go!



I’m not sure! Maybe! I’ve never done a tour before so I’m not sure how it usually works! Wow is it that soon? That’s so scary but also exciting.


Hi everyone,

I’m also in this tour date, travelling solo.
I’ve never done a tour before so this will be interesting. This is also my first big solo trip overseas.
I can’t wait to meet all you guys, not long to go now.

Laura M

P.S. Is there a Facebook group for this tour?