California Calling 18 July 2017 - 24 July 2017


Hi Guys!

I am looking to book this tour and I am a SOLO traveller so I just wanted to see who else is looking at this trip?

Its my first solo trip …I am a bit nervous but also very excited.


Hey Guy, this is my first travel alone too, and I need meet anyone for talk about this. add on Whatsapp 55 (12) 982239090


I’m also doing this trip and all lonesome!
I’m 22 and from Wales and will be my first visit to the US :slight_smile:


Hey there!!I’m Anne
I’m not the only one :heart_eyes: who’s travelling solo


I’ll be in LA the day before to explore the city for a bit so if anyone wants to meet up before just let me know? :innocent::innocent: