California Calling 16th June 2013


Hi everyone!

I booked the California Calling trip on the 16th June 2013. Who else is going to be my travel buddies for the week? I’m travelling alone and fly into LA on the 13th June so have a day or two to see LA. I also have the 23rd and some of the 24th to see San Fran before heading back to LA to catch my flight back to London around 4pm on the 24th.

I haven’t had any details about the trip other than my invoice, this could be bacuse I haven’t paid the full balance yet but does anyone have a list of optional activities or details of meeting places in LA?

If anyone else is doing this trip and wants to meet up before the tour in LA (or London) or see San Fran with me after the tour ends, I’m all ears!

Exciting times!

Kat x


OMG! I am going for 30th June! BUt don’t worry I may be staying in SF for a while…:slight_smile: