California Calling 15th August


Hey guys, I am about to book the California Calling trip which starts on 15th of August & was wondering who else is going on this trip? I’m 25 & will be going solo from Australia. :smile:


Hi Tamara!

Did you end up booking this trip? I just booked & confirmed it departing 15th August. I’m 25 and a solo traveller from Aus as well! :smile:


Hey Laura! I booked this trip a couple days ago. Super excited & so glad there’s another solo Aussie going :grin:


Hey Tamara & Laura!!

I’m 21 from Melb, Aus and i am about to book this trip! I am also a solo traveller :slight_smile:


Oh that’s so exciting!!
Are you staying at the Miyako hotel the night before the tour starts? If so, we should catch up for drinks that night :grin:


Hi Kayla :slight_smile: How exciting there’s already 3 solo Aussie girls on this tour! Looking forward to meeting you both. Top Deck have booked me into the Miyako Hotel the night before - $350 for the night though! I’m waiting to hear back from them on if this can be changed as I’m not sure if I want to pay that much… Did they do the same for you??


Hi guys,
I’m 25 and will be a solo traveler from Australia :slight_smile:
Have you guys booked anything for San Francisco like accommodation and Alcatraz prison or anything else? I think I’m there for only 2-3 days.

I’ll be in LA sometime earlier than the tour date as I’m visiting my good friend who’s living in LA.

Look forward to meet you all and it will be great adventure.



I’m staying in San Fran for 2 nights at the good hotel where the tour finishes. I was thinking of doing Alcatraz though, it sounds interesting & ive heard so many good things about it from people I know :slight_smile:
Where are you going after San Fran?
I’m also in LA for 4 nights before our tour starts :slight_smile:


Hey Laura! I’m staying in Santa Monica before the tour so I’m not sure about the price for the miyako hotel.


Hey Tamara,

Sorry for the late reply. That’s cool. I’m staying at Green tortoise Hostel in San Francisco for 3 nights. Yeah me too, we have to book Alcatraz like a month early or something because I read it somewhere that it tends to be booked out quickly. I’m so keen on seeing Golden bridge and lombard street and maybe baseball game haha. We could potentially do something together despite staying at different location in San Francisco.

Nice, LA should be fun! I think it’s $350 for Miyako hotel but look up on hostelworld for cheaper price. I don’t need to pay because I’m staying with my friend who lives in LA.

Look forward to meet you all :slight_smile: By the way, I’m from Melbourne.


I keep forgetting to check these replies haha. I’m staying in Santa Monica now for a couple of nights before the tour as well then at a hostel in San Fran for a few days after. The only thing I’ve organised for San Fran is a catamaran cruise around the bay on the night of the 22nd! If some of us are still there for a few days after the tour ends, it would be great to do some things together! I’m going to NYC after San Fran then onto Canada for another tour. Can’t believe how quickly it’s all coming up! We’re gonna have so much fun :smile:


I also want to join this trip but it is not confirm till now.


Sorry for late reply. It didn’t send me email notification!

That’s awesome about tour to Canada. I wish I was doing that but have to go back to work and it is on my list for the next couple of years along other stuff. Are you on topdeck for Canada?

How exciting for you. I have been to NYC years ago, what a city and definitely a lot to explore. :slight_smile:

Are you keen on seeing Alacratz prison? We would book for it soon on whatever the date is soon? I think I fly off on 24th of August at night.

Which hostel are you staying at in SF?


Hi all !! My name is Taryn and I am 28 years old from Western Australia and will be travelling with my husband, Michael. I wondered if anyone had plans for the second night in Las Vegas, 16th August ? As it is free-time, we are booking tickets to see Britney Spears that night @9pm if anyone is interested in coming along? Tickets start at $89USD. Thought it would be cool if a group of us could go :slight_smile: if you are interested we could organise seating together. Thanks !! Cannot Wait… :smile:


I’m doing Trek America for my Canadian tour! I’m not sure about Alcatraz prison, I think I might just see it from the outside, but definitely would be keen for a baseball game! I’m staying at USA Hostels in San Fran! Shame we aren’t booked in the same one but they probably won’t be too far from each other…

Hi Taryn! Looking forward to meeting you & Michael. I don’t think I’ll join in on seeing Britney, think I’d rather go and see Thunder from Down Under hahaha… Only one month to go!! Getting so excited! :smiley: :smiley:


Also this might seem like a silly question but I just want to make sure - Do we need to get a visa to enter the US? I just got my Canadian one but wasn’t sure about the States…


Please disregard my above post, found the info and I’m applying for my ESTA now haha :smiley:


Hey Laura,
I didn’t see your message.Trek America sounds new to me but awesome.You’ll have to tell me about it afterward!

Well I already have paid and booked to go to Alcatraz prison on 23rd of August at 1:30pm lol. It costs like $54, they run out pretty quick.

But I’m definitely keen on riding over the golden gate bridge on 23rd August in the early morning :slight_smile: before I go onto Alcatraz tour haha. :slight_smile:

USA hostel is actually around 30 Mins walk from my place so I’m sure we can work it out.