California Calling - 11 April 2019


Hey all!

My name is Kiana, I’m 23 and from Sydney! I am going on the California Calling tour as a solo traveler from the 11th - 19th April and wanting to know who else will be on this tour.

I am also doing a few days in LA before the start of my trip for 4 days (7th - 11th April) to go full-tourist and see Hollywood and finally get my own pair of Mickey Mouse ears at Disney! I’m also doing a few days in San Fran and Arizona to catch up with some friends who live over there!

Would love to get to know you guys before the trip :slight_smile:

Cannot wait!!


Hi Kiana,

I’m 29 from Adelaide and doing the Coast to the Bay (finish Los Angeles) Tue 09 Apr - Sun 21 Apr which i’m pretty sure almost exactly lines up with your dates except you don’t have the extra days in LA and San Fran.

I’m heading over earlier also but going over on the 3rd Apr and doing my own few things before starting the tour and happy to meet others pre-tour and do a few extra activities and get to know one another.

I know i’m sooo excited for my trip and can’t wait to get over there.


Oh how cool! Would definitely be up for meeting up with others there pre-tour!