California Calling 06 June 2019


Hey all!

My name is Kadii, I’m 23 and from New Zealand! I am a solo traveler going on the California Calling tour from the 6th June 2019 and wanting to know who else will be on this tour.

I am also doing a day in LA before the start of the trip and couple days in San Francisco after the end of the tour.

Would love to get to know you guys before the trip :slight_smile:

Cant wait!


Hi Kadii :slight_smile: What places are you going to and what dates? I’m doing the American Dream Tour on the same dates & just wondering if our tours might join up at some point?


Hey Nikayla, we depart LA on the 6th June and head to Sam Diego until 8th, in Prescott from 8th-9th, Grand Canyon from 9th-10th, Las Vegas from 10th-12th,Yosemite National Park 12th-14th then end in SAN Fransisco :blush: let me know if our trips meet up anywhere


Hey! Our tour must join because that’s the same dates as mine :blush: