Caesars Footsteps 2018


Hey ! Is anyone else booked on this tour? I recently booked and depart July 14th.


hey !!! im thinking about booking this tour for that departure date im just a bit apprehensive as i am a first time solo traveller and am a bit scared. Are you going solo as well ??


Hey !! I’ll be traveling solo as well :slight_smile:


Awesome!! I’m planning on booking it on Wednesday hopefully :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: btw are you doing shared rooms or the single supplement thing??? (I’m probs going to annoy you with my questions haha)


Not at all!! Lol, I got the single supplement, you? Since I’m also new to this in a way.


I’m doing the same when I book ! How long is your holiday for ??


It’s only a week long unfortunately :frowning:


No :pensive: im excited though it’ll be a good week ! At least after the tour that will give me almost 2 weeks to explore other places. What other places are you planning on going ? I really want to go to spain/Portugal or to the middle East


I’m going to Spain in June, another week, a TopDeck tour. I leave on June 9th and arrive June 10th.
I definitely want to do Portugal next summer!


awesome !! ill let you know when i book this tour next week :slightly_smiling_face:


Perfect! Let me know :slight_smile:


Hey Christina, are you doing the tour that departs on the 15th of July??


Hey :slight_smile: yup I’m doing the one that’s July 15th-July 21st