Buying soccer tickets


Hey Guys;

So the draw for the champions league happened recently, and some awsome luck happened when Barcelona got drawn against Arsenal and they’re set to play on one of the days I’m in London before my tour starts! (they play Feb 16 tour starts Feb 19) My only issue is I have no idea how to go about getting a ticket- I know it will be very pricey, and I don’t mind spending the money to see the best team in the world, but from what I understand on Arsenals team site I cant just buy a ticket through them as you have to be a member or something. So I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions. Things worth noting are I don’t care where I sit, including with away fans, I just want to be in the stadium. Also if there is anybody else interested in attending the game who might be able to get tickets and they’re looking for someone to go with, I’m very much game for that as well. I don’t care how or how much it takes to get a ticket, I just want to know how!! lol


Hey there,

Not too sure how helpful this will be but its a bit of input.

I was trying to get hold of Arsenal v Man City tickets on 5th Jan and like you said, you have to be a ‘red member’ .
I rang the arsenal office and they suggested calling Man City who get general admin seats in the away end - for me they had already sold out mind you!

Possibly the best option is to call the arsenal ticket line +44 20 7619 5000 and sus it out from there.

For me i managed to get hold of a friend of a friend with a red membership and he sorted out a ticket for me ;D

Hope this helps a bit!!