Buying a dirndl - Prostmeister Tour

Hi All,

My partner and I are doing the Prostmeister tour starting the 18th of September.

Just wondering if anyone had an ideas on buying a dirndl. I really want to buy one when I get there but I am worried that I won’t have time to buy one between checking into our tents and then the bus leaving for the beer halls…

Any help would be appreciated!!

Hi there!

There are a few options for you
· You can buy a dirndl online before you join your tour on Sept 18, that way once you arrive in Munich you already have your outfit
· There are shops selling dirndls next to the Oktoberfest grounds and your trip leader will tell you where they are. You can then carry around your clothes with you for the day.
· You can go into Munich to buy a dirndl and there are lockers at the central train station where you can leave your belongings, however make sure you don’t forget them at the end of the day.

Team Topdeck


Thank you, looks like I’ll be buying it at the Oktoberfest!!

Can’t wait.