Just wondering how the busses are, are they comfortable? are you on them for long periods of time?[br][br]cheers.:sunglasses:


Hello there,[br][br]The coaches we use are modern and comfortable, with air-conditioning, reclining seats, a working toilet (very important!) and 99% of them have a TV, DVD and CD player plus iPod connections.[br][br]Driving hours will depend on the trip you are doing but we have a rest stop every few hours where you can stretch your legs.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


Our bus was pretty comfy and not full either so we had 2 seats per person most of the time. We got told the toilet wasn’t working but we just thought the staff didn’t want to empty out the container etc.


You really don’t want to be using the toilet. Trust me!! once the toilet tank is full it totally stinks the whole bus out. And during long periods of travel it is definately not a fun trip.[br]They say number ones in the case of emergency’s but definately no number 2’s. There is only certain places that they are allowed to empty it as well, which could only be once a trip.[br]You shouldn’t really need to use it anyway. They stop every few hours.[br][br]The buses are fine… not overly comfortable but do the job.


Just a quick question[br][br]Are there any plugs ( if so how many ) to charge camera batteries?


Hi,[br][br]Sorry, currently no plugs on the buses - you can charge your camera batteries when you get to your accommodation.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Anita


do they have places to charge your camera batterys on the camping tours [br][br]Cheers


oh really, so you cant use the toilets on the buses at all pretty much? why do they even bother having them then


well you can use them but only if you have to - you generally stop every couple of hours because of driving hours anyways… just incase of an emergency use really - once it’s full no one wants to use it that’s for sure!


I just got back from a camping trip… charging batteries and phones was quite difficult as u don’t want to leave ur phone/batteries plugged in when ur not there to keep and eye on them. Also, some people had trouble with there adapters not fitting into the plugs at some places. I took a camera that just takes normal batteries and found it a lot less stressful (take plenty of batteries though, i went through 4 sets in 12 days). I had a a phone too but i didn’t get a chance to charge it for about a week. [br][br]The buses are pretty nice (just ur normal kinda bus really)… the seats recline but that sometimes pisses the person behind u off, and there is a toilet but as they say… only #1s… but u stop every 2-3 hours anyway and there were always bathroom facilities at the service station stops… we didn’t watch any movies on the bus but music was always playing (luv the early morning sleep session!) I had an mp3 but never ended up using it… some of the bus trips r really long (paris to switerland is a killer) but u sleep some of the way, get regular stops and the staff make it fun…[br]hope this helps.


I’m doing the Grand European tour- Is there anyone that’s done this tour that can tell me what travel times on the bus are like? ie. what’s the max. time you would be travelling and how many travel days are there (days where the majority is spent on the bus)[br][br]Thanks[br][br]Nic


hi guys i did summer fun and sailing at the end of july we were driving 8 to 10 hours a day and our bus was full. we pretty much got one full day in each place.


I just did essential europe, the longest we did was about 9 hours from switzerland to paris, most other days were about 6!!! Our trip leader put on movies (pretty much all the will ferell movies that have evr been made!!) and had music and sleep for the rest of the time!


Paris to Switzerland was a really long drive, but when you’re on the bus you just can’t help but sleep, I didn’t want to sleep for fear of missing out on the scenery but you just doze off after a little while. At first you will think the bus is uncomfortable (well I did as I’m six foot two) but once you get in the right spot they are fine, we even ended up missing the bus once we finished the tour and were on the rest of our holiday!!![br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


9 hours is a long time but you do stop every few hours dont you? We are heading to Paris from Switzerland on New Years day so i think most of us will be sleeping a fair part of the way…[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


we stopped every 2-2.5 hours or so![br][br]And seriously - just dont use the toilet on the bus!! smells the whole bus out!! gross![br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Ha yeah no wasn’t thinking of using the toilet on the bus! Would rather wait for a toilet stop i think…[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


what about on the explorer tours what are the buses like and around how many people are there on these tours.


Hey Guys, my girlfriend and I are going on the Athens to London camping trip on the 8th June. Anyone doing that?[br][br]Regarding the charging of ipods/cameras/phones, is this a major problem. WE have a digital camera and a camcorder and 2 ipods. I saw people saying that chargin at the campsites was a problem because you cant keep an eye on your things. Where exactly are charging points located in relation to the tents. I know some camping sites i have been to (at home in south africa) have power points at the tent sites. Are any of the european sites like that? We have a few hotel upgrades, so im guessing it will be ok charging things their. [br][br]Any1 got any other good tips for camping?


My friend did the camping on last summer and she said that for camping you usually end up sitting in the washroom for a couple of hours or however long it takes to charge your stuff. She said however once you trust people then they would rotate watching the valuables. [br][br]My question is SHOULD WE BRING PILLOWS FOR THE BUS RIDES???[br]I bought one of the pillows that you just stuff your clothes in but is that going to be comfortable at all?[br][br]Cortney[br]