Busabout vs Eurail


I’m doing a tour with Topdeck in July, and then travelling Europe with some friends for about a month after the tour finishes. We are still deciding whether to get a Eurail pass or go with Busabout, any suggestions??


Hi there,[br][br]I’m actually doing the same thing. I originally couldn’t decide between Eurail and Busabout as well but was eventually convinced Busabout was the better option. [br][br]Busabout is very flexible, so much so that you can change your dates/stops as many times as you want as close as 24 hours beforehand. You can practically take as long as you want to complete your loop or route and it’s a great way to continue meeting people after your tour. Plus, it’s better than being stuck on a train with a bunch of ‘fuddy-duddies’ :wink: [br][br]Busabout won me over :)[br][br]Kaitlyn[br]Russia, Scandi & the Baltics[br](June 2009)


Thanks Kaitlyn! I agree, but the problem I have with busabout is that I think it looks more expensive and they only do pick-ups every 2 days, and there are 5 of us travelling so not sure if we’ll be able to get a bus on short notice or if we have to reserve in advance? Not sure how it all works!![br]The other option is flying everywhere; flights are actually pretty cheap it seems (and quicker) so that might actually work out better?! Does anyone have an opinion on flights/eurail/busabout?


hey girls. :)[br]I don’t know much about the Eurorail but was talking to a guy at the travel expo which was held here a few months ago…and it seemed very fun and flexible and maybe the best way to go if you have the time to travel that way. I ended up going with a top deck tour since its my first time and my holiday is only for 7 weeks…so busabout should be good! My friend who’s been over there in Europe for a year or so will be doing that too…plus…the guy was quite the cutie/hotty! hehe. Good luck! :)[br][br]Lina :)[br]Summer fun + sailing[br]May 15th


Basically you book everything online with Busabout. You can book/change your seat 24 hours ahead, which is good if you decide to stay somewhere a bit longer or leave sooner. You can change your travel days as often as you like, and you can also book accommodation through them with no booking fees.[br][br]I was also speaking to someone at the travel expo and they said that you can just turn up without booking and try your luck at getting an available seat. (Although that might be difficult if there is 5 of you travelling)[br][br]I bought a Flexitrip pass which is 6 stops for $699. I also bought an extra two stops for $79 each. (I got $100 off because I booked it at the Travel Expo). It may be slightly more expensive than Eurail but I think it’s worth it for what you get. [br][br]As for flying, the flights are apparently cheap as chips over there. But I’m only using flights to travel basically when I don’t want to see anything in between or can’t find another way to get there.[br]I’ve heard the airlines can be pretty sneaky with costs though and you say no to absolutely anything they offer you.[br][br]Kaitlyn[br]Russia, Scandi & the Baltics[br](June 2009)