Bus Times


Hi Guys,

I’m thinking of booking the Essential Europe May trip next year, has anyone done this tour before that would recommend it?

my only main concern is the bus travel times, if anyone has a old copy of their itinerary and could advise the distance/time you spend travelling each day that would be great.


Interested in know amount of time spent on the bus also!


I found this from the Contiki website as they do the same tour but not as good :slight_smile:

London to Dover 2hrs, Ferry over to Calais 1.5 hrs, Calais to Netherlands border 3 hrs, Netherlands border to hotel 1.5hs

London to Amsterdam Total Travel Time: 8 hrs

Amsterdam to Rhine Valley roughly 5 hrs

Rhine Valley to Munich roughly 5.5 hours

Munich to Tyrol roughly 1.5 hours

Tyrol to Venice 5 hours

Venice to Rome 5.5 hours

Rome to Florence 3 hours

Florence to Lucerne roughly 7 hours

Lucerne to Paris roughly 8.5 hours

Paris to Calais 4 hrs, Ferry Calais to Dover ferry 1.5 hrs and Dover to London 2hours


sounds great

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