hey guys,
just looking to see if anyone has any budgeting tips/tricks. or be able to give me a rough idea on how much i should set my budget to.

Food, ill require 13 lunches,7 dinners. whats the average cost of a meal over through out Europe?

night life, although im not a huge drinking, i will still like to go out for a few with the group a couple of times. how much should i set aside for that roughly?

free time (haven’t worked out the must see’s yet)

i worked my optional out to be around 350 euro’s



Im currently trying to work out the same things, what tour are you going on?

hannah from Melbs!


hey Hannah, im going on the European getaway in April.
how about yourself?



Depending on what countries you are traveling to, lunch will cost between 15-20EUR. When I was there in January, a coke was about 2EUR, so this should give you an idea on conversion to AUD. Dinners can vary between 15-40EUR, again depending on the style of food you’re planning on buying. France is more expensive than Italy, Germany is mid-range.

There’s always a club that doesn’t have a cover charge, and drinks (especially beer) are cheaper than here in Australia. However, it’s the little things that will add up - such as a postcard, entry to a castle, or museum (which usually is between 8-15EUR, even for students, and speaking of, if you are a student, take your international student concession card), so when Top Deck recommend between 50-75EUR per day, it’s a pretty good indicator.

Hope this helps.


depending on what you get for lunch and where, anywhere from 5 euro up… dinner anywhere from 10 up… the further you head out from the touristy bits the cheaper the food gets… If you drink a bit, I would budget around 100 euro a day total (for all your meals, drinks, souvenirs etc)… i did last year and I think averaged out at about 90 per day at the end… avoid buying food at truck stops if you can, stock up on snacks and drinks when your in the major citys (find a supermarket - in rome we found a supermarket and bought a bottle of burbon and a bottle of Jagermiester, total of 22 euro, 1ltr in each bottle), food was the same… paid 7 euro for a big block of milka chocolate at a truck stop in austria… bought 2 blocks for 4 euro at the supermarket…

your better off to budget more than less… nothing wrong with having money left at the end…