Budget for Europe?


I’m trying to work out my budget for 6 weeks in Europe, UK and Ireland. Can anyone give me advice who have been over there, about how much they spent on average a day. I have been told anywhere from 70 AUD to 60 EURO a day.


Hey,[br][br]I’m doing the Grand Eurpean which is 28 days plus 10 days in Greece / Greek Islands and I’m planning on having $10,000 aussie dollars so depending on the euro at the time approx 5,000 euro.[br][br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Greek Islands Fun in the Sun


wow, I was thinking half of what you are taking. Hmmm… I just can’t imagine spending 10 grand in 6 weeks.


i’m going on the grand european in july and i too did NOT budget for $10k! lol[br]i am moving to the uk after my tour so am not planning to buy any souvenirs or anything.[br]I had converted all the ‘optional extras’ from euros to aussie dollars and that’s about $4000[br]plus a thousand bucks for everything else.[br]i plan to have about $5-6 grand[br]but i’m not a big spender so i don’t think i’ll spend more than that :)[br][br]Colina[br][br]…grand european…[br]…July 28th 2009…


hi everone![br]i used to live in ireland and it is quite pricey but you are better off not eaten in restaurants and maybe grabbing a sandwich at a shop or so or even getting something at marks and spencers since their prices are a bit better. [br][br]i always try to budget for 30euro a day on tours and i am not a big spender either. i dont buy souvenirs usually (just postcards) and i dont like spending a lot on food. a bottle of water in ireland is less than 1euro so you should be fine. and somedays youll spend 30euro and others you wont. i think topdeck’s estimate of 50euro a day is covering all the bases but only you know your spending and how controlled you can be with your finances. just try and do the best for you :)[br][br]hope this helps![br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


thanks guys for all your tips, I not stressing too much now. I’m doing a paddy wagon tour through south Ireland, have you heard much about them??


hey again![br]i did a paddy wagon tour of northern ireland (since i was living in the south (cork city to be exact) at the time. [br]topdeck is WAYYYYYY better than paddy wagon! i did have a nice time on paddy wagon tho. it was informative but in no way do you meet the friends that you do on a topdeck tour. there was a few canadians (like me!) and mostly australian and 2 americans i think. [br]you will have a great time in galway for sure. it is a great city. the south is lovely though and since i lived in cork city for a year, im bias. i LOVE ireland. im so jealous![br]the accommodation when i went was all hostels and it was may and sort of busy and we stayed in rooms of like 10 people! are you staying at the paddy wagon meeting place hostel in dublin to start? it isnt a great hostel in terms of some hostels in temple bar which are nicer but it is definitely less hassle to stay there. [br]any specific questions? let me know! :)[br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


oh, and if you are on a paddy wagon, we generally bought snacks and drinks (coke, juice, water, whatever) at tesco which helped keep the cost low. just look for pubs that have dinner meals and things and they are cheaper than restaurants. in cork city there is this lovely italian restaurant called scoozi’s and it is hidden off oliver plunket near the brown thomas but behind it. for 10-15 euro you can eat enough for a day! it is great! [br]hope this helps! :)[br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


thanks Tam for the tips. I’m staying at Barnacles temple bar house before the tour and globtrotters afterward, cause i read that Paddy Wagon hostels are a little dodgy. I’m doing the the paddy wagon tour before I do the Topdeck tour of Europe, so I wont be too disappointed to start with lol I’m so excited, and can’t wait, only 6 weeks to go now.[br][br]How many ppl are usually on the paddy wagon tours?’


Hey Guys[br][br]I did a 28 day Contiki last year and ended up spending around 45euro/day and that was including the optional extras + buying a few tee shirts/small souvenirs. Probly if you budget on 50/55 euro/day you should be good. In saying that one girl did spend $8000 AUD in 28 days! It definatley comes down to how many souvenirs you buy and how much you can drink (or how much you like shouting the rest of the bar).[br]A good way to spend less is don’t buy food from places that are close to main tourist attractions cause they hike the prices. Often if you walk just a few streets back from main areas you can find food & souvenirs at half the price. Also try to get the coach driver to stop at a local supermarket ocasionally then you can get snacks and alochol alot cheaper than in the center city shops.[br][br]Leon[br]Northern Exposure 14 June 09


hey deanna, [br]there were about 12 people on my paddy wagon tour. the buses are small but the guides are generally good. the hostels are sketchy as in you probably wouldnt book one of them on your own but they werent the worst in terms of hostels either. i think you will have a good time anyway :)[br]temple bar can be pricey in terms of meals bc it is a main tourist attraction but some of the pubs should be able to offer you a decent price for stew or something. [br]are you going alone? make sure you wonder around to temple bar (the actual pub). [br]have a great time on all your trips! :)[br][br]tam~[br]Istanbul - London 2008 [br]Red Star Special 2009


hey guys,[br][br]alot of you have quoted prices and spending money for your actual tours, i am booked on a 28 day tour and then hopefully two months after backpacking with a couple friends around Wales and England. It would be great if anyone could give me an idea on what you would recommend spending money wise for say 3 months. [br][br]Any opinion would be great, I don’t want to overextend myself before i leave and then run out of money half way through and be miles away from the airport ha ha[br][br]thanks you[br]kasey[br][br]summer fun and sailing august 7th 09


I’m on the same page as Colina. If calculated how much the extra tours i want will cost and then AFTER that i have budgeted for about 50 euro. Obviously some days are not much at all coz they’re travel days and then others are a bit more coz only b/fast is included so you need more to feed yourself and buy souvenirs. [br][br]Obviously it is dependant on how much you drink, how much you want to buy over there and of course how much you can afford! Each person is different so work out what is best for you personally ;D[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


5-6 Grand for a month… is that good!?! I’m actually coming up with a budgeting template too to guess how much overall is the possible outcome… lets see how I go! :o[br][br][br]European Wonder 6th August -19th August 2009[br][br]Then Barcelona, Ibiza and Tomantina baby!!![br]:-*:o:-[8-);D[^][v]xx([8]:o)::):-/B):stuck_out_tongue:


ok :)[br][br]i was also worried about this when i went, so here is what i took :)[br][br]60 euros a day for in europe… i didnt miss out on anything! i bought what i wanted did what i wanted and was fine! I even came back with $200AUD! now when ur ont he bus, the days ur travelling ur only really gonna be spending money on food… those days are basically a write off, so it all balances out[br][br]In the UK I budgeted for 50GBP a day - but it wasnt enough! Take a little bit more… baybe 10-20GBP more a day, its better to haev more than less. I didnt really miss out on anything in the UK, except that my last 2 days in london were quite poor lol i didnt really miss out, but it would have been better if i had of taken a bit of extra money :)[br][br]hope that helps :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


[quote]Originally posted by whirlsie[br]
i didnt really miss out, but it would have been better if i had of taken a bit of extra money :)[br][/quote][br][br]Thank you Leeana! Thats a great help will use that as a guide :-[[br][br][br]European Wonder 6th August -19th August 2009[br][br]Then Barcelona, Ibiza and Tomantina baby!!![br]:-*:o:-[8-);D[^][v]xx([8]:o)::):-/B):stuck_out_tongue: