Budapest to London / Spirit of Europe


Hi[br][br]Just wondering if anyone is going on the Budapest to London[br]tour (4 Jul - 14 Jul). It is also part of the Spirit of Europe[br]tour (19 Jun - 14 Jul).[br][br]It will be interesting joining a tour half way through.[br]Has anyone been on any of these tours that join a longer tour?[br][br]Cheers,[br]Don.[br]


Hey Don,[br][br]I’ll be doing the Spirit from 19th June. I’ll keep a seat warm for you![br][br]See you in Budapest!


Hi Jody,[br][br]Great to hear from someone else doing the tour.[br][br]There is also a couple from NZ (Amber and Russell)[br]who are also doing the Spirit of Europe tour.[br][br]See you in Budapest.[br][br]Cheers,[br]Don.[br][br][br]