Budapest to Big Ben 08-18 Aug 19


Hi everyone,

I am doing the Budapest to Big Ben tour from 08-18 August 2019. I’m traveling solo for the first time and want to get to know anyone else who is doing the trip! I’m 29 and from Canberra, Australia. Another fact about me, day one of the trip will be my 30th birthday :grinning: Hit me up!


Hey there,

I am looking at signing up for this tour as well! It’ll be my first solo tour abroad too.
I’m from Victoria!


I’m going too! My first solo trip too! Nervous but so excited. It’s going to be so epic.


That’s awesome! Well maybe we’ll see each other on the trip if you decide to go :smiley:


Awesome :smiley: Glad to know I’m not going to be the only solo traveler on the trip!