Budapest New Year's Eve 2016/2017


Hey, anyone else spending New Year’s Eve in Budapest? Would love to chat to a few people on the trip :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel, I have just booked on this trip! :grin:


Hi Kayleigh, where are you from? Will you be in Budapest the day before the trip starts x


Hey, im doing the eastern lights trip :slight_smile:


Hey Guys! I’m debating booking this trip as well! :slight_smile: Would be traveling solo. You girls all traveling alone as well?


I think a lot of people are travelling alone on this trip :slight_smile: I am anyway. Come join the fun in Budapest


sounds good! Ill most likely book it this weekend then. :slight_smile:
Do you know what hostel will be staying in? I might book an extra night the day before so that would be good to know!


I just got topdeck to book me an extra night in the hostel. It was very cheap so I suggest you book it through them, then you’ll be put in a room with other topdeck girls (hopefully me).
I fly in approx 9pm the night before :slight_smile: let me know if you book it x


Hi girls, I’m Lilly from New Zealand I’m here in Budapest for new years by myself too. If you wanted to meet up. My what’s app is 64210581722