Budapest-London/La Tomatina


Hey,[br][br]I was wondering if there’s anyone who’s going to do the Euroclub Budapest -London from August 15th. I’m also planning on heading down to Spain for La Tomatina. Would be cool to know a few people who’ll be going to either or both. :)[br][br]Kim


Hi,[br][br]I’m going to be doing the Grand European in August and thinking about going down to La Tomatina. Don’t know weather to take the 3 or 4 day tour.[br][br]Richard


Hi Richard,[br][br]Well I’m doing the 3 day tour. Only because I’d like to spend a few extra days in London visiting friends before heading back to Oz.[br][br]Kim


Hi Kim and Richard.[br][br]I’m Lucy from Perth. I’m doing the European Wonder 1-14 Aug and am thinking of maybe doing the La Tomatina…maybe the 3 days. Are either of you thinking of going anywhere else in Spain??? I was thinking about going to San Sebastian but am travelling alone so would love to meet/know ppl that would be keen to do that too.[br][br]Lucy


Hi Lucy,[br][br]In terms of going elsewhere in Spain after La Tomatina, I was thinking about maybe heading back up to Barcelona for a day/night as I make my way back to London. I haven’t yet booked any of my flights so I’m not so sure just yet. :)[br][br]Kim


Hi Kim,[br][br]Yeah I was looking at tours last night and found a 9 day Northern Spain Explorer. The dates and prices are not up on the net as yet. was going to look at doing it before or after the La Tomatina (depending on dates). i’m travelling alone until sept where my boyfriend will meet me in Athens so unless i travel with someone else…tours will have to be it. That’s why i am curious what ppls travel plans are. :)[br][br]Lucy


Hey Lucy, [br][br]My travel plans are: to get into London around the weekend of 12th/13th August, then make my way over to Budapest for the Budapest-London tour. Spend a few days in London visiting friends, before heading down to Spain around 28th for the festival. After that finishes, I’ll head back to London and depending on flights and costs, I might fly straight to London or do it via Barcelona. Then spend another day or two in London before flying back to Syd around 3rd Sept. [br][br]Kim


Kim,[br][br]Thanks for replying. Yeah I got the costs of the 9 day Spain tour (quite pricy i thought) today and am now thinking of just doing the La Tomatina and maybe a few days in Barcelona. I too need to look at costs of flights etc. If you find any deals let me know.[br][br]Lucy


Lucy,[br][br]You can contact me at email or msn. We can email/chat there more in detail about doing Barcelona together if you want.[br][br]Kim


any one else on this tour???


Hey,[br][br]I’m not on the Budapest-London trip but am doing the 4 day La Tomatina - decided on the 4 day cos it’s my birthday on August 30th and I don’t really wanna be leaving a tour and catching a plane on my bday! Hopefully some of you guys will still be around at least for breakfast on the 30th to have a celebratory drink with me? ;)[br][br]Niki


hey nixi,[br][br]i’m lucy. i’m only doing the 3 day tour. i think we leave the arvo of the 30th so will be around to help you celebrate for sure. feel free to email me on[br]would love to hear about you and get to know you.[br][br]Talk to you soon.


Hi Nixi,[br][br]The same goes for me, I’ll be around in the morning too. We can definitely have a few celebratory drinks in the morning with you. [br]How old (or young) will you be?[br][br]Kim[br]


Hey Lucy & Kim,[br][br]Great to hear that you guys will be around at least for a couple of hours to help me party! I’m turning 23, so not a particularly special bday, but it’s probably the only one I’ll ever be in Spain for, so that should be cool![br][br]Thanks for your email address Lucy, I’ll write tonight.[br][br]Niki


Hey guys [br]I’m doing the mega european, but also headed to La Tomatina with Topdeck, just on the 3day tour[br]Cheers[br]Siobhan


Hey Siobhan,[br][br]Nice to hear from someone else who’ll be joining us for the tomato fight, it should be heaps of fun! Looks like I might be the only one still there on the night of the 30th for my bday party though!! :frowning: Come on guys, change to the 4 day tour![br][br]Niki


the three day tour goes 28-30. We leave mid arvo on the 30th. we can have a morning booze up for your birthday!!! lol


Hehe sounds good lucy… at least on trips like this we won’t have to worry about driving, so I guess there’s nothing stopping us from having morning drinkies! ;D