Bucket List


Just thought id start a new top on Bucket Lists!!

Who has them and what are the major things you want to tick off from the list on your Topdeck Tour and travelling in general =)


I’ve had one since 2010… havnt ticked much off it (unfortunately it was taken) but I still remember few things on it. Couple I’ve done that were personal achievements and I’m going to Paris in May :slight_smile: so that will be ticked off.


I don’t have a formal list written out, but more of a mental one! I will be knocking 3 big things off my list in a few weeks!

  1. Travel out of North America
  2. Visit New Zealand
  3. Skydive - I’m hoping to get this one in!


I would like to:

  1. See the Northern Lights
  2. Swim in the Dead Sea
  3. Hike for a week in the wilderness
  4. Live like a homeless person for a week.


Woooh my bucket list is kind of awesome
I will travel around 50 countries(so far i’ve traveled 11 countries)
I will purchase three awesome car.(Bentley, Maserati And Rolls Royce)


Visit North America
I will purchase awesome Home.