Brugge Xmas & Budapest New Years 2016/2017



Is anyone booked or planning to book the Bruges xmas or Budapest New years this year?

I’ve just booked both! travelling solo :slight_smile: anyone else going?


I’m thinking about going!! Never been to Budapest and always wanted to go… Would be solo too…


I haven’t been to Budapest either but have heard great things!
I’m sure it will be great! Let me know if you book? :slight_smile:


Hi! I want to spend new years there too, solo traveler also, what are your plans there ?


Hey! You should definitely come. I’m only there for 4 days then back to London. I haven’t booked anything but flights and the tour. What about you…What are your plans?


Hey, yes I’m coming and traveling solo. Will also spend a few days there after the trip wraps up :slight_smile:


Hey, I just booked onto the Budapest New Year’s Eve trip. I’m Rachel from Ireland. Travelling solo. Will anyone be there the day before the trip begins?


Did anyone sign up for Christmas in Brugge? I was thinking of it, but not sure.


Hey, Yes I’m doing brugge too! Sound like its going to be good :slight_smile:


Hey! :slight_smile:
Iam looking into booking one of the NYE trips as well. Thinking about either edinburgh or Budapest, so i might join you guys. Looks like you all will be traveling solo as well?