Brugge Easter 2016


Has anyone booked Brugge Easter from London to Belgium in March 2016? I booked it yesterday.


Booked it yesterday! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome! Are you starting with the group in London or meeting us in Belgium?


Starting with the group in London. :slight_smile:


Nice, same here. Whereabouts are you from? I’ll be coming from Oklahoma back in America. Definitely excited about the trip!


Cool - I’m from just outside of London! Not long now! :slight_smile: lol


When are you getting to the hostel?


That’s awesome! Wombats is a great place to stay in London. I’ll meet the group in Brugge on Friday afternoon/evening. Had to change my plans


Yeah I’ve never been! So I am excited but nervous :neutral_face: :flushed: lol ahhh I see! Well I shall see you Friday! :smile:


Crazy about what happened in Belgium! So are you going to the alternative trip they offered? I decided to go on it.


Hey - yeah it’s horrible! I decided not too. Hope you are having a great time! :smiley: