Brugge Christmas


Hey Guys[br]I am pretty sure I’m going to book the Christmas in Brugge package. It looks like fun and most of my friends in London will be with family or are leaving the city. Would love to hear from anyone else who’s thinking of doing the same thing.[br]Cheers[br]Jane


Hey there Jane.

I was looking at the same thing. I’m travelling by myself and thought it might be sad to have christmas by myself!
But I was keen to go to the markets! So I’m thinking of either doing this… or just doing my own travel around Belgium.

What’s your plan?


Hi Jane

I’m thinking of booking Brugge Xmas I have only been in London for 3 weeks so I will be travelling alone! Also it’s my first xmas away from family and from home, and don’t want to be stuck doing nothing.