Bruges to Brussels


Hey All,

Am doing European wonder on the 5th of aug…and going on for a solo trip post dat to barcelona.

I was wondering wat time does it reach bruges from amsterdam on the final Day since my flight to barcelona is on the same day at 9.45 pm from brussels.

Would the tour bus go thru brussels or anywhere close where I can Hop Off?



Brugge is probably a quick trip since it’s only a few hours from Amsterdam to Calais. My guess is that your best bet is to get off in Brugge and take a bus or train. The bus won’t stop somewhere just for one person unless it’s super on the way and you sweet talk the hell out of the driver and tour lead.

You also won’t know an exact time since it all depends on amaterdam traffic. I would look into seeing if you can buy a day rail pass or something along those lines, or moving your flight to the next day.


Hey Matthew,

Thanx a Bunch…I guess I shall Skoot off from Bruges and by the looks of it brussels is an hour away…Also ma flight is in the night and the bus leaves post breakfast frm amsterdam.

Will Keep Ma fingers Crossed for sme traffice ease :slight_smile:

thanx again



Pending you can get a train/bus transfer from Brugge, I wouldn’t be worried. It only took us about 4 hours to get from amaterdam to Calais so it’s probably more like 2 for you. So if you leave by 8, you could be to Brugge as early as 10 or 11 with traffic.

Good luck!


I finished my topdeck tour last week and got off in Brugge to catch the train to Brussels. We got to Brugge about 11 (for memory) from Amsterdam and our bus driver was nice enough to drop me at Brugge train station. The train leaves every 30 mins to Brussels and you can just buy a ticket valid for the day rather than a certain time so you can even head into Brugge for a bit if you have time. It was really easy! Just make sure your bag is the last one on the bus! Have fun on your tour!


hey clare,

thanx a bunch…

really appreciate it…