Bruges Easter 2017


Just wondering if anyone is planning on going on the Easter Bruges 2017 trip, or has been on this trip in the past? I’m from the U.K. And I’m 25!


Hey there. I’m also thinking about doing this trip as well. I’ve never travelled with a tour group before so just weighing up some options. Would be good to hear from anyone that’s done the trip before or visited Brugge using a tour group.


Hey guys! I’ve booked onto the trip never been to Bruges but just done the Amsterdam New Years trip with topdeck defiantly recommend booking this trip!


Hi, I’m looking to do this trip too. First time travelling with a tour group so slightly nervous!


I have booked this trip, from NZ but living in London :slight_smile:


I have booked this trip now! From the UK - 26! Can’t wait!:slight_smile :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I booked on this trip! Haven’t been to Bruges before - is anyone staying the night before?
Sarah x


I’m also from the UK and 26 :slight_smile:


I’m staying the night before and the night when we come back at the wombats hostel!


Great - I am staying the night before - want to meet up?! Sarah :slight_smile:


That sounds good, be nice to meet someone before the trip! :slight_smile:
I’ll be getting in a bit late about 9pm ish.


woo! Okay - shall I add you on FB so we talk properly? Or what do you think? :slight_smile:


Yeah of course add me on FB - Emma Mapstone :smile:


Great sounds good,


Hi! I just booked this trip. I’m from NZ originally but lived in London since 2012. Looking forward to a nice weekend of pretty medieval architecture, hopefully good dark chocolates & good food. I’m keen to visit museums/art galleries & bike or canal tour on the free day too if anyone else is into art?