British Isle Tour 27th May 2018


Hey Topdeckers,

Looking for anyone booked on the British Isle tour leaving 27th May 2018. I’m a solo traveler leaving from Brisbane so can’t wait to see who else is on the trip :slight_smile:



I am booked on this trip. Are you still booked on this one? I’m from the USA and may end up being the “old” one on the trip at 34 but excited nonetheless!


Sure am booked and the countdown is well and truly on. I’ve put it on the wall to annoy everyone at work
I’m sure you are young at heart and there will be plenty of different personalities on the trip so little groups will form for all levels of crazy an adventure etc

Where abouts in the states are you from? :slight_smile:


I live in Illinois. I am about 2 hours from Chicago. I am young at heart! Super excited about the trip and I have a countdown, as well. I am not flying back until June 5th from London so I’ve left myself a couple of days to explore once the tour is over. Have you travelled a lot? I’ve travelled the states quite a bit and have been to Canada and Mexico a few times but this will be my first overseas trip.


Oh nice! Young at heart is the greatest, never need to fully grow up. Are you sure its the same trip if you fly out on the 5th June? Departing 27th means we don’t get back until the 9th I think
I’ve travelled most of Australia plus New Zealand because my mum is a Kiwi. Plus done Fiji and Vanuatu so it will be my first solo trip and my furthest & longest trip by far. Daunting but so so exciting!!


Yes, I’m sure. Unfortunately I won’t be doing the Ireland portion of the trip. Assuming you are doing the Britain and Ireland tour? The British Isle tour I’ve signed up for is only 6 days. My tour ends Friday, June 1st in Glasgow. I’m taking a train to London and will spend a few days there. Do you know of anyone else booked on the tour?


That makes sense. I swear my trip was called Britain and Ireland on one page and British Isle. I wonder if your trip is on the same bus or maybe just travel together, we shall see
Have you booked yourself in at a hostel?
I’ve got the topdeck app that links people based on their trips but the only person on it so far is doing the same two tours as me in the opposite order so not sure how accurate it is as we shouldn’t be on the same page. I think most people must book quite late or just stay really quiet on the forums and app etc as I haven’t seen many and its less than 6 months now


I believe it is the same tour but you go on to the Ireland portion of the trip and I stay behind. I’m excited because I’ve booked an overnight tour from Glasgow June 1st and June 2nd to explore the Highlands more in depth. I am booked at a hotel rather than a hostel on May 26th before the tour. I also logged into the Topdeck app and didn’t see anyone on there. I also looked on the Tourradar app and there wasn’t anyone on there either. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


Should be a good trip either way. Seems like you have your movements nice and planned out and now to just sit back and wait.
One night in a hotel would be good to rest up before the trip. I arrive on the 21st so booked into a hostel to meet people to explore London with. Same before my second trip and a couple of days before I leave.
I was hoping to find more people so maybe in a few months they will appear on the apps. Packing is my biggest worry - trying to make sure I don’t forget anything but also don’t end up with too much stuff


Hi there :slight_smile: I’ll be on this tour as well, but doing the full Britain and Ireland. Also a solo traveller from Australia, I’ll be getting into London on the 20th of May


Hey!! Where in Aus are you from and where are you staying in London?
We will have a fair few days to explore so maybe we could meet up before the tour in London (or Aus depending on where you are). bit daunting flying into a new country around the world and deciding where to start on the sightseeing!


I’m in Newcastle (2 hours north of Sydney), Hopefully staying the the Generator Hostel, just have to work out some details with my travel agent.
Definately scary going to a foreign country by myself so would be great knowing someone beforehand :slight_smile:


Generator is good from what I’ve seen. I’m staying at Wombats before the tour and Generator afterwards as my second tour leaves from Generator a few days later
For sure - this is my Facebook if you want to add me -
We can meet up for a drink or some tourist stuff in London. I’ve got to look into the London cards that you can pre-purchase which I think give you access to a lot of the tourist stuff and public transport.
Plus phones and foreign currency etc - so much to figure out


Are you doing the full 14 days around Britain and Ireland or ending in Scotland? What 2nd tour are you doing? I’ll be on the Spirit of Europe that starts the 12th of June
I’ll add you :slight_smile:
Yeah I’m looking at the London Pass, I’ll probably get the Oyster card separate when I get there and get a local sim from a Three store, it seems to be the best value option.


Yeah the 14 days on that one then leaving on the Mega European on the 12th so might be in Paris at the same time but then I think it separates
Definitely have to look into them as it seems to be the way to save quite a bit of money


The mega European looks fantastic! Unfortunately, I can only take a max of 2 weeks off from work so that is why I booked British Isle. I’ve sent you friend request on Facebook. I will fly in at 6am on the 26th; It’s an overnight flight from the states so planning on sleeping on plane and sightseeing once I’ve dropped bags at hotel that morning. I’m sure it won’t be restful sleep but want to take in all I can in my short time abroad! Hope to get a bit of sightseeing in London that day before the trip. I’m still lost on the cellphone thing. Researching now. I’ve heard purchasing pay as you go sim is the best.


I’m lucky that I’ve saved up a lot of leave and my boss was fine with me taking 11 weeks off work. They knew I would just resign and go anyway as I’m looking for new job opportunities after I finish uni in February so if it means me staying around longer then they are happy.
Hopefully because the flight isn’t too long and the time difference isn’t too bad you won’t get much jetlag. I’ve got 24 hours of travel and a 12 hour time difference to adjust to so not sure how that will go.But definitely try to make the most of it - you can sleep when you get home haha
Yeah - so many options but I’m going to do more research into it and see what I come up with