Britian & Ireland October


hey ppls,[br][br]Just wanted to know if anyone is doing this tour on 3/10???[br][br]Britian & Ireland 3/10/2009


Sorry Baley, i’m doing this tour but my trip departs on the 5th September. Hope you have a great trip! ;D[br][br]Nicole[br]Grand European 28th July 2009[br]+ Britain & Ireland 5th September 2009[br]+ Greek Islands


Hey Baley![br][br]I sent you a message on here but not too sure if you got it. I will be on this tour!


I’ll be on this one too! [br]Gem xx


hey Jess and Gem,[br][br]That is cool. im super excited about the trip 58 sleeps.[br][br]im 26 from sydney, how old are u guys?[br][br]Britian & Ireland 3/10/2009


Im so excited too! I’ll turn 22 a few weeks before the trip, and I’m from Townsville in North Queensland. What are your plans after the trip? I’m hanging around in the UK for a few months afterwards - theres so much more i want to see!


i would love to stay after the trip but thats all the time i could get off and $$,…lol[br][br]im there for a day after and before the tour.[br][br]54 sleeps to go[br][br]Britian & Ireland 3/10/2009


Hey guys![br][br]Im 20 and from melbourne. Add me on facebook if you want - :)[br][br]After the tour, im having 2 days in london and then doing a contiki which should be pretty interesting.[br][br]Getting very excited!


24 sleeps to go!!![br]hell super excited[br][br]Britian & Ireland 3/10/2009