still looking for anyone who is doing the Britain/Ireland tour on the 12th-25th June. Would love to get to know some other people before the trip as I will be travelling solo.



HI Brooke

Im booking this tour this week! and also going solo… cant wait!

Ru in london before or after?

Brittany :slight_smile:


Hi :slight_smile:
I fly into London the day before our tour starts but staying 5 days after our tour finishes to do some sightseeing.
Are u staying at the Umi hotel??
This will b my second solo trip overseas, last July I did the discover europe trip with topdeck and loved it! ;D

Have u been travelling before on your own or with topdeck??


Sounds awesome! I fly in 2 days beforehand by myself then go on the tour then 2 days by myself again then my boyfriend is meeting me for 3 days then we are going on the Europe Unplugged tour!

Does this tour start at the Umi hotel? My travel agent was looking at accomodation at Clink hostel.

Ive never been by myself overseas before or done a topdeck tour but im so excited! Its part my 3 month round the world trip!

Yay its aweome to know I wont be the only solo traveller :slight_smile:


I have checked with my travel agent and our tour does leave from the Umi. I stayed at the Umi last time and it’s not bad at all.
Thats cool u and your boyfriend are doing europe together, I loved it
I hope to go sightseeing after the tour finishes, buckingham palace, Madame tussauds, London eye ect. I fly back to melbourne on the 30th of June.
How old are you by the way?


Cool I’m in the Umi for 2 nts before and 2 nts after the tour now :slight_smile: Cant wait for Europe its been on my must do for ages!

I’m cant wait for the London sightseeing, i might do a walking tour just so I’m not on lonesome

I’m 22 from brissy and yourself?


Hi Brooke and Brittany

I am also booked on this tour and travelling solo. Am arriving at the Umi 3 days before but am doing the european pionner for 36 days first… back to back tours so excited!

Im 24 and from NZ will be cool to also meet up am do some London sightseeing before the trip so i am not a loner either! lol :slight_smile:



Hi Sara, Welcome to our little group! lol ;D
Brittany, I am 24 from East gippsland in Victoria.
Do you both have facebook pages???
My last tour started a facebook page for our group which we all could join and talk about our trip, I think we should get one going for our tour, what do u think???!/group.php?gid=106099969425200
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Not long till we go now!!!


hey brooke :slight_smile:

lol thanks its nice to know some ppl b4 we go.
yep def hav a page bt dont wanna join ne thng till mid march not handing in my resignation from work till mid march 2 many prying eyes on who may blow my cover! lol sneaky sneaky bt once ive handed it in il join :-))



Hi Sara
Thats fair enough :slight_smile:
What kind of work do you do? I’m a childcare worker studying to do my diploma then my Bachelor in Early childhood to b a kinder teacher.
Is this your first time overseas?
Are you staying on in London after our tour or going back t NZ?
I was hoping to score a ticket to go to Wimbledon while I was over there but it seems tickets have sold out! :frowning: lol. I’m so excited to go to to Madame tussauds while I’m in London!


hey brooke,
i graduated from uni wit a bachelor of business management majoring in hr and strategic management bout 2 years ago working in a big construction company at da mo do a bit of evrythng pa to the directors, marketing hr business development its really varied bt i love it about 110 guys and only 10 girls so its really fun!

i have been to rarotonga gold coast and hamilton island b4 but this is my first big trip. ive got a day in london then i fly home aftawards bt lookn at movn sumwea else wen i finish try and find work somewea else who knows see where the world takes me! lol

i know i love tennis to im really sporty would have been awsome to see. o well its a gd excuse to go back sometime in the future then.

is this ur first time overseas to?

Sara ::slight_smile:


Hi Brooke and Sara,

I cant wait for the trip! I’m definitely keen on joining the facebook group :slight_smile:

Only a few months to go now!!!



Anyone doing the Britain/Ireland tour on the 21st August?


Sorry swiss83, we are all doing the Britain/Ireland tour on the 12th of June :slight_smile:


Trying to set up Facebook group for our tour :slight_smile:


Sounds awesome Brooke! Im keen to join :slight_smile: im counting down the weeks haha


Oh yeah me too! :slight_smile:

We now have a facebook group set up for our tour
Topdeck Britain/Ireland 12-25th June 2011