Britain & Ireland


Planning on doing the Britain and Ireland tour next May just wondering what it’s like and about how much money will I need?[br]Thanks!


I think it’s funny that you’re doing a UK tour… I’m from here so it seems odd to think people come and do tours of our little country! Let me know if you want to know anything about specific cities or places… I am from the North East of England but went to uni in Liverpool and now live in the Midlands, in Leicester. I have visited most UK cities too so can maybe be of some help :-)[br][br]Pyramids and Beaches, February 2009


Well Ill be visiting your little country as you say in 9 days Rachel. Cant wait, love England. Doing the Winter Spirit trip starting 10th Dec however travelling around England in a hire car for 12 days before hand. Cant wait. Hope i find some cheap but good b&b’s to stay in.[br]Im looking at heading to Bath/Stonehenge, then up to Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, then down the East coast down to oxford the Liverpool.[br]If you have any tips/hints for me, let me know. Have no specific dates that i have to be anywhere expect Liverpool on the 29th. GOing to see a Football game. ;D[br][br]Winter Spirit 10th Dec 2009 to 2nd Jan 2010


I guess it is funny for you Rachel! I was going to hire a car and do it myself but it’s easier and cheaper with topdeck don’t have to worry about accommodation!