Britain & Ireland: Wed 29 June - Tues 12 July!


Hey all!!

Just booked in for this trip!! :smiley: This will be my first solo trip with a tour company, so I’m hoping to get to know some fellow travellers on here before we go!

So excite! Much UK! Wow!!

:airplane: :bus:


Hey there!

I also booked this tour and will be travelling solo! I will be going on a European tour before this one but otherwise have not been on a tour before. I am from New Zealand and am 23 years old, currently living and working in Australia. So excited and a bit nervous for this trip, can’t wait to meet everyone and see the UK!



Hello! I will also be traveling solo on my first tour! I am 25 and from Brisbane, studying Education (Early Childhood). I am so excited to experience Britain and Ireland!


Hey guys, I thought I would make a facebook group so we can all join and find each other.
Feel free to join yourself to the below link :smile:

Glad there will be others travelling solo!


My name is Steph and I’m from Perth, ill be turning 30 (eep :grimacing: ) the day before we head off. its my first time traveling solo so am looking forward to the adventure of it all and to meeting you all :smile:


Hey Steph!
What is everyone doing before the trip? I am going to be in London from the 26th if anyone needs company. Look at all the sights, go to a show on the west end and visit the Harry Potter studio tour. Happy for anyone to tag along, I will be solo and it is my first time in London!
Can’t wait to head off, Europe tour first then I will get to meet you all. :smile:


Hi Gemma, Steph & Elizabeth!

I just requested to join the FB group (Em Louise Morgan)! I’m so glad that there will be other solo travellers too!!

I would definitely be up for meeting up earlier to do something - the Harry Potter Tour sounds amazing!!

Less than 3 months to go - the countdown is ON!



Hi Steph!

I will be getting to London the morning before the tour so I
won’t be able to do much beforehand.
I’ll be in London for five days after the tour though, and have already
booked my Harry Potter Studio Tour for July 16!
I was told it’s best to book that well in advance because it sells out
So excited!


I am heading back after the tour as I would have been away for 2 months by then!
I will definitely look at booking in if anyone else wants to go on the HP studio tour before we leave for this tour, thanks for the tip Elizabeth! Glad everyone is also a fan :slight_smile:


I’m arriving the day before we head off, but am staying on a week after I’ve already book the HP tour for the 15th and I was very luck to grab tickets for the HP & the cursed child so very excited about that! Can’t wait 63 days to go :slight_smile:


Hello All!

I want to book the Britan and Ireland trip of July 30 - August 18 2016, I’m from USA, I need to know where to go in London so I can reunite with the group, can anyone help me with that information so I can schedule my flights to London?
At what time and where do I need to be the first day? Is there someone picking up?, At what time is ging to be the arrival to London?
This is in order to schedule the flights.

Thank you!! Hope you can help me!


Hello :slight_smile:
The Britain and Ireland tour generally begins at the Burns Hotel in Barkston Gardens, London, and leaves from there early in the morning. You will have to arrange your own transport from the airport, and I would suggest getting to London a day or two early just in case of flight delays. Also, the dates you have given don’t seem right, this tour is 14 days long. With it being so close, you might have to contact Topdeck or go to a good travel agent to see what they can get for you. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’ve just booked the last spot for this tour, I am travelling solo and will be in London from the 26th :slight_smile: if you could add me to the Facebook group that would be great, I can’t wait to meet you all and go on this amazing trip! (Also I’m so down for Harry Potter world)


Hi :slight_smile: I have just booked this tour as well and will be travelling solo (for the first time)! I’m getting into London on the 27th and will be around for a bit afterwards (and would love to do the Harry Potter tour :joy:) Looking forward to meeting everyone and if you could add me to the facebook group as well that would be so great!


I’m jumping on this tour once you get to Belfast. I wanted to do the whole tour but couldn’t get the holiday time for all of it :frowning: I’m traveling solo but am excited to join you all.



I just booked this trip and I’m super excited! It’s my first solo trip but it sounds like I will be in good company :slight_smile: