Britain & Ireland Tour 28 August 2010



Is anyone else going on this tour?


Seriously! Someone else must be going on this tour too!

Topdeck, please dont tell me this will be cancelled???


Hi Jenny,
I’m not on your tour, but I just checked the page for your tour dates and it’s a guaranteed departure! So it looks like it will be going ahead fine!


Hi Jenny,

I havent booked my trip yet, but its highly likely that by the end of this week, I’d have booked myself on this trip [as well as a European Pioneer one on 16 September]. I’m just waiting to get off time from work to go to the travel agency. Sooo I hope the trip is going ahead! :wink:


Hey! Thats awesome! Im going on the pioneer trip too! Are you on facebook?


Hooray! I was thinking no one was on this trip either! I am 100%ly booked and paid for! Where abouts in Perth are you from? Im doing the Grand European tour before this one! xx


Hey Tiff!

Yay! Another fellow traveller! lol

Im live south of the river in perth but work in west perth. How about you?

Are you spending much time in London after the trip? Im doing two trips aswell, Im going on the European Pioneer one after the Britain and Ireland one :slight_smile:

Not long to go now! Feel free to find me on facebook if you have it, my link is above :slight_smile:


Haha! Are you serious! I work in West Perth too! Thats crazy! I live in Mount Lawley although that might change by the time we get to europe!

I am leaving the day after this tour finishes because I am doing my Grand European before. I can fill you in on some of the places you are going. I have four days in london between my two trips. Have some friends to catch up with :slight_smile:

I did have facebook but I deleted it! Its taking over the world!

How old are you? Travelling alone? I am 24 and travelling solo.


Hi, I’ve booked this tour too, great to see some other travellers. I can’t wait!


Heya stefan! Nice to find someone who has joined us! Travelling solo? Doing another tour?


Less than 2 months to go! ;D


Hey Tifff, yes I will be travelling solo, pretty nervous as it will be my first trip outside of Australia. I am also doing the European Getaway tour on the 7th of August.


i’m on a tour that meets up with you guys in belfast…travelling solo for the first time too

see you then :slight_smile:


Only one month to go!!! Even Im getting nervous now!

Hey Stefan and Rowie, are you on facebook?


i did this tour a few weeks ago… was a blast. Def go on the pub crawl in edinburgh best night ever and black cabs tour in belfast… Such a great tour. met some amazing people. You will all love it! HAVE FUN!!


Hey all! I’m going on the British Isle, which is the first part of the Britain & Ireland - so I’ll be with you for a week. I’m so excited, its coming around so fast!


Getting really excited now! I leave this Wednesday for London :slight_smile:

Yeah I am jenny, it is