Britain & Ireland - questions & tips



I was just wanting to get some advice from anyone who has been on the Topdeck (summer) Britain and Ireland tour before. I have looked through some past topics but they all seem to be discussions between people who haven’t been yet.

Wanting to know thoughts about the tour and favourite sights/attractions/activities.

Can anyone offer any advice?




I did the second half of this tour last year- I started in Belfast and then went through Wales and Ireland and finished in London. Feel free to ask me anything you want to know.



Thanks for your reply Neil!

I was mainly wanting to know about the sort of things you saw on the tour, both with the group and on your own. Also, what did you think of the optional activities.

Im not sure whether to do the tour or TRY and go on my own so it would also be great if you could tell me if you were glad you did the tour?

Thanks Neil!!