Britain/Ireland - May 27th!


Hey guys, I’m traveling solo on the Britain and Ireland tour that starts May 27th. I’ll be coming from my study abroad in Paris, but this will be my first organized tour. Was just wondering - are we supposed to have received real itineraries yet? I know the predeparture info is posted on the website, but I wasn’t sure if we’d get any more detailed info before the tour, like when exactly we should arrive at the meeting point or where we will be staying in each city.

Getting really excited for the tour! It’s so close!



Hi Sydney, I’ll just miss you as I’m going out on the 20th of May. Too bad. Anyway, I got an e-mail from Topdeck right after I paid for the full price of the tour. They had 4 attachments with it, that were basically then same as those you can get online, but they went into a little greater detail. They added things like the hotel names and addresses where we’ll be staying, and expanded on what the say to day activities would be in each city. Allin all, I’d say it’s not something you “need” for your trip, but it is def. nice to have. One other item included is instructions on how to get from the airport to the Umi Hotel where we take off from. That piece I’d consider quite valuable. Anyway, enjoy your trip. I’ll try to leave some souvenirs for you to look for!! lol