Britain & Ireland: June 22nd


Hey guys! My name is Kate and I’m from Melbourne, Australia :slight_smile:
I’ve just booked myself into the Britain/Ireland tour leaving 22nd June and I’m super duper excited!! :grinning:
I’ll be flying solo for this trip, who else will be going the same time as me? I cannot wait to meet everyone!!! :grin::smiley:


Hey Kate! I’m Abby from Esperance, WA. I’ll also be travelling by myself on this tour and I can’t wait to fly out! I’m 18 and this is my gap year adventure so I hope it will be loads of fun! :smiley:


Hey! I’m Bec from Perth, WA…looks like the trip will be full of Australians! :slight_smile:
I’ll also be travelling alone, can’t wait to meet you guys!! Sure we will have a great time :smiley: