Britain & Ireland June 12 - June 25 HTUK 14Day


Hi all,

Getting close now and starting to get a bit pumped! Hope you are all looking forward to a great tour.

Travelling from Australia and Keen to hear from new friends.



Hi, I’m doing this tour too, travelling solo from Australia


Hi Brooke, Less than a month now. Im heading off from Sydney on the 3rd.


Hi Sacco how are you?

Im also departing sydney on the 3rd of june :slight_smile: are you fliying out with emirates?


we have started a facebook group for our tour!

just search for Britain/ireland 12-25th june

Not long to go now!

Brooke :slight_smile:


Hey Littlevic all going great. only 8 working days left.

Im heading out with Qantas.



Hey Brooke couldnt find the Facebook page.



Here’s the link or the facebook group
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: