Britain & Ireland July 2 2017


Hi guys!
I’m Cris and I’m from Brazil.
I’ve just booked my trip and I want to know who is going on this tour as well.



So as you also saw my post, I’m Tess I’m from Melbourne, Australia. This will be my second tour during my 10 week holiday :slight_smile:


Hi Tess!
I’m glad to know someone who is also going on this journey! haha
Do you have a facebook account? If you want add me there: Cristiane Ballard

I’ve tried to meet more people by using the topdeck app, but it’s not working properly… :frowning:
Have you tried using it?

See you!


I tried but I think nobody else is on it so it doesn’t come up.
I’m glad there now someone else, even though the tour is probably majority full I don’t think many come on here to scope out who is on it