Britain & Ireland 8th May 2016


Hey All

Just wondering if anyone else has booked this tour for May 8.
I will be traveling solo and spending a few nights in London before and after.



Hey Luke,
I’m looking at which dates to book for that tour myself actually and considering around that time!



Hey Amanda
Let me know if you do end up booking for these dates. It would be great to know at least one person before the tour.



I’m booked into this tour! Who else is coming?


I’m booked on this tour :smile:


So happy that it won’t just be me on this tour hahahaa.

Where are you guys from?


I’m from British Columbia, Canada. How about you?


That’s awesome! Canada is not far behind Britain & Ireland on my travel bucket list :smile:

FYI (and for anyone on this tour) feel free to add me on FB. If you search for Luke Wynn Perth, I should be the one with the worlds cutest dog as my profile pic. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Oh nice! I’ve always wanted to go to Canada. I’m also from Perth


Only 20 more days!


Wow! This snuck up quickly! Just over two weeks until I fly out!! :confused: