Britain/Ireland 7Aug & European Pioneer 21Aug


Hello Everyone,

I am heading on the Britain and Ireland tour on 7th August and then doing the European Pioneer on the 21st August.

Just wanting to get in contact with people that are going on these tours as well?



Hi Shannon,

I’m doing the Britain and Ireland tour on the 7th August as well. I’m a solo traveller from Switzerland. If you’re on Facebook you can send me a friendship invitation if you want. My e-mail address is


Hi There,
Yes I am also doing my 2 trips solo. I am from New Zealand. When are you getting to London? Are you staying at the clink or the umi?



I will go to London on the 6th August. I will be staying at the London House which is not far away from Umi.


Hey Fellow Travellers,
I’m getting back into London on the 6th also, staying at Umi, I’m so excited to be going on the UK tour. I’m heading home not long after this tour, but by then I’ll have been on an European Pioneer and been in the UK for a week. Did you guys make a facebook group or anything?


I tried to create a group on facebook but then I got a message “please choose friends to add to your group”. But I don’t have friends on facebook who will be on this tour. So if you want you can send me a friendship invitation. My e-mail address is


Hi Em,

When is your european pioneer tour??? I look forward to meeting you hopefully on the 6th at the UMI Hotel! :slight_smile:



Wow almost 9 days until I fly off to Europe, so sorry haven’t made a FB group, mostly I have had no life, continuous work to save the $$.

Hi Shannon! I am going on a tour starting the 23rd, joining in Paris, and I’ll be checking into the Umi after catching up with my friend from the UK between trips, look forward to meeting you there!!

Is anyone interested in seeing the Edinburgh Tattoo festival when we’re there?? I’m keen to organise a ticket for the second night maybe, think it’s about the 10th of August. Be warned I’m so excited to be going to Scotland I may cry a lot while we’re there…


Hi Em,

I already got a ticket for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I will go on the 9th of August. Would be great if someone else from the tour is interested.


Hi All

Yes I am interested in going to the tatoo as well, I am wondering whether it is a option that Top Deck does on the actual trip though??

Wonder how we could find out if it can be an optional on the trip??


Hey Guys,

I have just done a new topic for the tattoo, so hopefully someone from topdeck might be able to help us and let us know one way or the other!


Hey guys,

This is something you’ll have to organize yourself (unless you’re travelling on our 4 Day Edinburgh Tattoo & Festival trip). Have a chat to your Trip Leader about it though as no doubt they’ll be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

Or check out for further details.

Hope this info helps!
Topdeck Team


hi all, me and my bestie are doing the UK tour leaving on the 7th & we are in London from the 3rd, very excited, we are coming from the Spirit of Egypt tour. We bought out military tattoo tickets months ago off the website, I think we booked for the 9th. Less than 5 weeks until my adventure starts :slight_smile:


Hi Natalia,

I’m doing the Britain and Ireland tour on the 7th August as well. I’m a solo traveller from Switzerland. I have bought a military tattoo ticket for the 9th about a month ago. So maybe we could go to the tattoo together. Are you on facebook? I’ve tried to create a facebook group for our tour, but you need friends which you can invite to do so.


Hi All,
What sections are you in for the tattoo??
I am staying at the clink 78 hostel from 2nd August and checking into the Umi Hotel on 6th August, just under 6weeks! Can’t wait!


I will be in section 9, row H.


add me on Facebook : Natalia Lidia Quinteros


I created a facebook group for the Britain tour. You can find it if you search for Topdeck Britain/Ireland 7th Aug.


I have just booked my tickets for the edinburgh tattoo for the 9th as well! :slight_smile: Can’t Wait!!!
I have also requested to join the facebook group