Britain & Ireland 6 Nov 2016 - anyone else booked?


Anyone else booked on this tour? Staying before or after the trip at the hotel?
Looking forward to it (slightly concerned how cold it will be haha)


Hi Alyce,

A friend and I have booked this tour! The hardest part now is waiting :slight_smile: I’m also a little scared at how cold it will be haha.

We haven’t booked any pre accomodation yet. Our travel agent says the prices for pre accomodation won’t be release until next month.

Where are you travelling from? It’s lovely to meet someone on our tour :smile:



Hi Sally,

I’m from Melbourne, Aus, how about you?
Yes I think I will def be buying some thermals and a down jacket! haha. It is hard to wait isn’t it?

I havent booked any pre accommodation yet either but am thinking I will stay at the hotel the night before the tour starts since it looks like it starts pretty early in the morning and the night the tour finishes.

If you and your friend are there the night before we could meet up for dinner or something if you like.

Looking forward to meeting you both! :slight_smile: Alyce


Hi again,

I’m Canberra based but I am originally from Brisbane. My friend, Emma is in Brisbane and we’ll be coming across together from there.

More than happy to catch up beforehand! I think we get in a few days before the tour :slight_smile: What are you most excited about on the tour?

Have you come across anyone else on the tour? (I know it is still early days! haha).


Oh awesome there will be a few of us Aussies on the tour then :slight_smile:

We will have to swap contact details before hand so we can meet up! I think I am most excited about seeing other parts of England (I have only done London previously) and Scotland! I also don’t know much about Wales so I think that will be good too. What about you?
I am off to Iceland after this tour to do another topdeck tour there :slight_smile: Are you girls travelling elsewhere before or after?

I haven’t come across anyone else on this tour yet. But at least we can meet up before we hop on the bus! It will be here before we know it!


Absolutely! Hmm it’s hard to say… I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland and Scotland. I think I’m looking forward to a proper winter holiday too! I’ve only ever traveled in summer.

You’re going to Iceland?! So are we! (But not with Topdeck). We seem to think alike haha.


Oh awesome! Yes we obviously have the same great taste! :smile: Are you going to Iceland before or after our tour? I’m really hoping to see the northern lights. Im a bit confused about footwear for Iceland though not sure whether to get hiking boots or more snow boots.
Im getting more excited now I have booked my flights!


Hi Alyce. I’m Sally’s friend who is also going on this trip! Under 6 months now!!! YAY!! We are going to Iceland after the topdeck trip. I’m also really hoping to see the northern lights! Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:️ I’ve also been thinking about what shoes I’ll need. from what people have suggested…waterproof is a must! And warm woolly socks! :+1:t3:



Hi Emma! Sorry for my very late reply. Lovely to meet you! Only about 5 months till our trip now yay! Yeah I am thinking I might get some cheap snow boots for iceland and I have been looking for a good down jacket for both tours - I think Scotland will be freezing! When are you girls going to Iceland? I think I’m off about 4 days after this tour ends. Really looking forward to blue lagoon, and Im going to try and do horse riding on the little fury icelandic horses :slight_smile:

I have just organised some accomodation for the night before this trip. Getting excited now!!! Looking forward to meeting you both :smile:


Hi again Alyce!!

It’s getting real now! 3 months and 3 weeks or something crazy haha. It will come by quickly! It sounds like we might be in Iceland at the same time :slight_smile:

I made the final payment on my trip last night - I’m so excited. Now time to save some spending money! Haha Hope your plans are going well :slight_smile:


bump Is anyone else out there booked on this tour? :slight_smile:


My friend and I just booked, we’re Aussies too! :slight_smile:


How exciting Jacqui! Where are you two from in Australia? Im from Melb. Starting to get more excited now having bought a few more cold weather things to wear during the trip :smile:


Just signed up for this trip. I’m Bill from Detroit, Michigan in USA. Looking forward to it! Feel free to use the group chat on the app if you have booked already. I will be traveling solo, so I’m definitely interested in meeting some folks beforehand.


Hey guys I’m Tarni and I’m booked in for this trip too. I’m from Esperance WA and also staying at the Burns hotel the night before we begin! Pretty pumped like the rest of you, hopefully the weather will be kind to us.


Hi Tarni & Bill looking forward to meeting you both! We should organise an earlyish dinner (since we will be up so early on the Sunday!) the night before. I havent got the app yet Bill I will look into it! We will have to work out how to contact each other so maybe the app is good?


Hey yeah dinner sounds like a great idea! I reckon the app will be a good way to organize that too